The Best Classic Meatloaf

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This is the best meatloaf recipe ever! This traditional meatloaf recipe is just like mom used to make, made with ground beef and a sweet and tangy glaze topping.

Three slices of meatloaf with ketchup glaze on top.

What Makes A Really Good Meatloaf

I think the trick to good meatloaf is using lean ground beef.  The problem with a lot of meatloaf recipes is that they call for ground beef with a high fat content.  As the meatloaf cooks, the fat cooks out and makes a greasy mess.  Not this recipe!

Best Meatloaf recipe - 2 slices on a blue plate

How To Keep It Moist

You may be thinking, but won’t lean ground beef make the meatloaf dry?  Not at all!  The milk, egg, ketchup, and diced onion in the meat mixture are all working to keep the meatloaf moist and delicious.

Loaf Pan Versus Baking Sheet

I prefer to use a loaf pan because it keeps all the glaze in place perfectly and the meat is juicier.  But, you could line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.  Shape the meatloaf into a loaf shape.  Top with the glaze.  And, bake as normal.

How To Make The Best Meatloaf

*Note: This is a summary. The full printable recipe card is at the bottom of this post.

Make the Meatloaf:

  • Add 90% lean ground beef to a large bowl.
  • Add dried bread crumbs  and some diced onion.
  • Add milk, an egg, ketchup, and worcestershire sauce.
  • Add dried parsley, garlic powder, salt and pepper.
Meatloaf recipe ingredients in a mixing bowl: ground beef, onion, breadcrumbs, egg, milk, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, dried parsley, garlic powder, salt, pepper.
  • Mix it together REALLY well.
Meatloaf ingredients mixed together in a mixing bowl for the best meatloaf recipe
  • Pour the meat mixture into a loaf pan.
  • Spread it into a flat even layer.
Meatloaf mixture pressed into a loaf pan, ready to bake

Make the Ketchup Glaze

  • Add ketchup, brown sugar, and red wine vinegar to a bowl.
  • Whisk until combined.
  • Pour the glaze over the meatloaf.
Uncooked meatloaf with ketchup glaze in a loaf pan, ready to bake
  • Bake it!
  • Let it cool before slicing.
The Best Easy Meatloaf sliced on a white plate

Can This Be Made Ahead Of Time

Absolutely!  Just cover the loaf pan with plastic wrap and refrigerate it until you’re ready for it.  Then, uncover it and let it come to room temperature as you’re preheating the oven.

Can This Be Frozen

Yes!  Prepare the meatloaf, put it in a loaf pan, and top with glaze according to the recipe directions.  Cover the pan and freeze.

Place the frozen meatloaf in the refrigerator to thaw about 24 hours before you want to bake it.  Then, uncover it and let it come to room temperature as you’re preheating the oven.

I’ve been playing around with this recipe for the past few months, making it many times.  And, I didn’t mind the repetition at all because I do believe I ended up with the best classic meatloaf recipe ever. 🙂

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Three slices of meatloaf with ketchup glaze on top.

The Best Classic Meatloaf Recipe

4.97 from 1731 votes
This traditional meatloaf recipe is just like mom used to make, made with ground beef and a sweet and tangy ketchup glaze topping. 
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 55 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes


Servings 10 slices
Calories 164 kcal


  • 1 lb. 90% lean ground beef
  • 1 cup dried bread crumbs
  • 1/2 cup diced yellow onion
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 large egg beaten
  • 2 tbsp. ketchup
  • 1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp. dried parsley leaves
  • 3/4 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
  • For the Topping:
  • 1/4 cup ketchup
  • 2 tbsp. packed light brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp. red wine vinegar


  • Preheat oven to 350° Fahrenheit.
  • In a large bowl, add the beef, bread crumbs, onion, milk, egg, 2 tablespoons ketchup, worcestershire sauce, parsley, salt, garlic powder, and pepper. Use your hands to mush and mix these ingredients together until well combined.*
  • Add the meat mixture to a loaf pan. Pat the meat down into an even layer.
  • In a small bowl, add ¼ cup ketchup, the brown sugar, and vinegar. Stir to combine. Pour the sauce on top of the meatloaf and spread it into an even layer.
  • Bake uncovered for 55 minutes.
  • Let the meatloaf rest for 8-10 minutes before serving (or it may fall apart).**


*Be sure to mix the meat really well.  This is a very moist meatloaf recipe so under mixing can cause the meatloaf to be too soft/mushy. 
**I use two thin spatulas to remove the meatloaf from the pan and transfer it to a cutting board. You could also slice and serve the meatloaf directly from the loaf pan, or use parchment paper to line the pan for easy removal.


Serving: 1/10th of the meatloaf | Calories: 164kcal | Carbohydrates: 14.8g | Protein: 11.7g | Fat: 5.7g | Saturated Fat: 2.2g | Cholesterol: 49.9mg | Sodium: 399.3mg | Fiber: 0.6g | Sugar: 6.7g
Course Dinner, Entree, Main Course, Main Dish
Keyword best meatloaf recipe, classic meatloaf, meatloaf with ground beef
Cuisine American
Author Amanda Finks
the best classic meatloaf with glaze in a loaf pan

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  1. 5 stars
    So delicious and easy to put together, I usually double the recipe as we like our meatloaf thicker to slice. We recently lost quite a bit of weight so I now use half lean beef and half ground turkey and substitute milk with almond milk, same great taste and juicy and moist with a few less calories.
    Freezes well for a quick meal when needed.

  2. 5 stars
    This is the only recipe I use. Really is The Best and easy. Sometimes I do half beef and half pork and it is very nice as well.

  3. Substituted 100% moose burger for beef. Also added a bell pepper just cause I had one. Didn’t have any vinegar for the glaze so I used the juice from a jar of pepperoni peppers. The best meatloaf that I’ve ever tasted!

  4. 5 stars
    So delicious & so simple. While baking i through in a few baking potatoes or foil wrapped sweet potatoes for an almost complete meal. Thanks for sharing.

  5. 5 stars
    I Love the simplicity of the instructions and how beautifully it cooks… And the taste, OMG … Greatness!!! Thank You…

  6. 5 stars
    The best meatloaf I’ve ever had. My husband and kids love it too. I’ve made it a few times now, and it’s the only recipe I use now. Thank you!!!

  7. 5 stars
    My family hated meatloaf night. After scouring hundreds of recipes, I found this one. YAY!!! Everyone is happy now. Thank you for sharing!!

    1. 5 stars
      My husband found this for me. This is the best meatloaf I’ve ever made. When doubling the recipe, double everything except the milk and cook 10-15 minutes longer. At our family reunion this is one of the first dishes emptied!

  8. 5 stars
    Made this last night and we loved it so much!! Even a picky 7 year old liked it! Thank you so much will be a staple from now on.

  9. 5 stars
    Delicious and easy to make. My oven is old and the recipe takes longer so I have to wing it a little. But the meatloaf gets raves all around.

  10. 5 stars
    I never used to like eating meatloaf until
    I found this recipe and now I find myself making this meatloaf a couple times a month. The meatloaf is so moist and the ketchup glaze is so delicious I double the topping recipe so every bite has a good amount of topping for it. Thank you so much for posting this it really the best!

  11. 5 stars
    My family really enjoyed this meatloaf recipe, prepared exactly as written. We all went back for another slice! I’m making it for the second time tonight. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe!

  12. 5 stars
    Love this recipe and everyone including my picky toddler ate it all up. Has anyone tried making it in muffin tins? Just curious how one might adjust the cooking time so as not to overcook.

  13. 5 stars
    I have made this several times. It is my go to meatloaf recipe. I love I! And the sauce on top is delicious!

  14. 5 stars
    This meatloaf was truly delicious! I used Italian breadcrumbs and honey instead of brown sugar. This will be an all time go to. Thanks!

  15. 5 stars
    I made this yesterday; 10/26/2022, super easy, very moist and taste great.
    Frist time I have ever made a meatloaf.
    Everyone loved it, will make again and again.

  16. 5 stars
    Absolutely delicious! I’m always looking for easy, tasty meals and this has becomes a firm family favourite! Really moist and the sauce is so simple to make and really lovely. Clean plates all round when I cook this for dinner 😀

  17. 5 stars
    This was delicious! I really like meatloaf, but this is the best I’ve ever tasted in any restaurant or kitchen. Such a great flavor and texture. I haven’t tried the sauce yet, because I do like simply squeezing ketchup onto my meatloaf slices, but I look forward to trying it again soon! Can’t wait to make this for others.

  18. 5 stars
    Great meatloaf, followed the recipe to the “t” and it was perfect, great flavor! It came together quickly, too.

  19. 5 stars
    This recipe is quick, easy, and delicious. I love making it for my boyfriend and me, along with some mashed potatoes and peas. I love that I can make it ahead and stick it in the fridge and warm it up later. My absolute go-to recipe!

  20. 5 stars
    Just want to thank you again for this recipe, not had it for a couple of months, but made it again tonight and I’d forgotten how good it is, it’s pretty special.

  21. 5 stars
    This is the one meatloaf recipe my family agrees on. When my husband asks what’s for dinner and I say meatloaf, he asks if I’m making this one.

    1. 5 stars
      This meatloaf has been a family favorite for a while now! My kids and husband devour it, the neighbor kids love it, extended family loves it. Everyone! I follow the recipe exactly and will always just make 2. One is never enough for a family of four.

  22. 5 stars
    I’ve made this recipe many times including using Beyond Beef (plant based ground). Family loves it each and every time. I’ve substituted red wine for red wine vinegar. I’ve also substituted flax seed and water for the egg. Very forgiving recipes and always delicious.

  23. 5 stars
    I have made this so many times!!!!!! It’s delicious! We use ground Turkey instead of beef. And I make a little extra of the topping, just incase anyone wants a little extra after we serve aka ME! 😂

  24. 5 stars
    Great recipe! I always bake it straight on parchment for the extra “crust”. I Sautee the onions with fresh garlic too.

  25. 5 stars
    This meatloaf recipe is truly great! Perfectly balanced flavor and texture. Very easy to make. I have found my new, signature, go-to family dish!

  26. 5 stars
    I’ve been making this recipe for almost 4 years now, my husband who “doesn’t like meatloaf” requests this almost weekly. This is the BEST meatloaf! I typically double the sauce and bake in muffin tins!

  27. 5 stars
    I hsve been making my mothers Meat loaf for many years. Good but-a little boring already! I was looking for something different. I certainly found it ! Love It! Juicy and so filled with flavor.
    Sorry MOM

  28. Amazing meatloaf, can’t wait to meal prep it. I make two 2 pound loafs, get almost 20 meals. Can’t wait to eat them for lunch. And yes, the sauce is amazing as well!

  29. 5 stars
    This is really the easiest and best meatloaf ever. The meatloaf stays moist and the glaze is delicious. The only thing I do do different is season the loaf with a polish seasoning salt called vegeta. I don’t use the parsley etc. You won’t regret making this!

  30. 5 stars
    This is my go to recipe for meatloaf! I do always double the sauce because we like it saucy! So good and so easy!

  31. 5 stars
    Phenomenal recipe that works every time. My late father LOVED this meatloaf. I get all kinds of compliments on it. It truly is the best!!!

    1. 5 stars
      Great recipe! I double the recipe, 1lb of 80/20 beef and 1lb of pork, a quarter cup of grated carrot, couple of grated garlic cloves, and 1/4 lb of spicy sausage and baked it on a fine rack.

  32. 5 stars
    I have been making meatloaf since before the internet. One day I googled world’s best meatloaf and this recipe came up. I have been making it ever since. It is delicious! The glaze to put on top brings it to a 5 star rating.

  33. 5 stars
    Best meatloaf recipe I have ever tried. It’s even better than my mom’s and it’s the only recipe my stepson uses. Thank You for this delicious meal..

  34. 5 stars
    You are right. This is the best meatloaf recipe! I found this very easy to prepare and bake and the results are terrific! This will be my go to 1 oound recipe forever. Thanks, Amanda!

  35. 5 stars
    Even with the foresight to double this recipe, I left them promising to make it again ,soon. I was told that it was the best meatloaf they ever ate. Thank you for making me look like a superior cook.

  36. 5 stars
    I have made this several times and it is always a family favourite. I double the topping because we love to have extra. Delicious!

  37. 5 stars
    It’s the best meatloaf I’ve ever had! I never really liked meatloaf until I made this recipe. It’s so delicious! The sauce on top is the best!

    1. 5 stars
      Fantastic recipe!! My children loved it! My son who is usually a picky eater and usually won’t eat meatloaf ate a second serving! That says it all!!

  38. 5 stars
    I found this recipe during Covid. It’s delicious. It’s one of my favorite things to eat. I scale the size up or down depending how many people I need to feed. We love the Topping recipe so I always double or triple it. Both the meatloaf & topping freeze well!

  39. 5 stars
    Thank you SO much for this easy, delicious recipe. It has become a household favorite. We make it at least once a week. The sauce is everyones favorite. I usually have to make extra so they can dip everything on the plate in it.

  40. 5 stars
    This is the best meatloaf I have ever made. I do make good meatloaf but this one was so moist. This is now my go to meatloaf recipe.
    My husband and our friend went on and on about how good it was.

  41. 5 stars
    Literally make this almost once a week! My fav meatloaf recipe! Even some friends have stolen it as well 🤣
    Only thing I do different is use ground turkey instead of ground beef (it makes your meatloaf stick way better, it’s healthier, & less grease) & I double the topping. Everyone loves it.

  42. 5 stars
    Searching for a classic easy meatloaf last night and this came up. It was exactly what I was looking for. Flavorful, moist and super easy to prepare. The family loved it. I was never a meatloaf fan growing up but this may have changed that!

  43. 5 stars
    This is absolutely the best meatloaf recipe and I make it regularly. I slice up the leftover, wrap the slices individually in cling wrap and freeze them. Always delicious! Thank you!

    1. 5 stars
      I don’t really care for meatloaf, but have been trying to find one I like. I made this tonight and liked it a lot. I would definitely make it again.

  44. 5 stars
    This had been my go to meatloaf for several years now. Sorry I didn’t review it until now. My husband and son both LOVE it! I have made many versions of meatloaf over the years, including Paula Deen’s, and this one is the favorite. It comes out perfect everytime!

  45. 5 stars
    Meatloaf is exceptional! Great flavor and not dry. I usually double the recipe and make 2 loaf pans so my son can freeze one to take to college.

  46. 5 stars
    Just wanted to thank you for this recipe. Made 2 meatloaves (1 – 2 lbs & 1 – 1 lb) the same day and they were both fantastic!!!! Followed recipe precisely and they turned out perfect as the recipe and reviews state. I only added diced bell peppers to them because I typically have more vegetables in my meatloaf (shredded carrots, diced celery, onions and bell peppers).
    This recipe was a supper hit with the family that received the large loaf along with the small one for home. Husband loved it! Outstanding and so appreciated!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    1. 5 stars
      I made a double batch. I used one pound of ground beef and one pound of ground pork. It was something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I used the same combo for spaghetti sauce and my guys loved it! Well, the meatloaf came out so good that I was given one complement after another throughout the entire meal! Even my brother l, who doesn’t say a lot, murmured a mmmmm after his first bite! Best meatloaf I have ever tried!!!

  47. 5 stars
    I love this recipe. It is easy and tasty. I have been making it for the last 2 years maybe.. one of my favorite recipes and BTW I am not a great cook! 😆

  48. 5 stars
    It was the best meatloaf I ever made! Since my husband is diabetic I used a combination of parmesan cheese and crushed low carb crackers in place of the breadcrumbs, and almond milk in place of regular milk. I also used low sugar ketchup. I cut the topping measurements in half on account of the brown sugar, but it was still delicious. I discovered that Splenda makes brown sugar so next time I’ll use that in the full amount. It took a little less time to cook for some reason – about 45 minutes. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!

  49. 5 stars
    My family loves loves loves this meatloaf. I use dark brown sugar rather than light. Everyone gets excited when they find out I’m making it.

  50. 5 stars
    Absolutely delicious, almost as good as my dear moms. Made it the first time and my girlfriends loved it, as did I. Thank you for the recipe.

  51. 5 stars
    I love this recipie and I’m not a meatloaf girl. My husband bugged me for months to make one. Luckily the first one I tried was it!

  52. 5 stars
    This came out Awesome– It creates the meal that we all want meatloaf to be. Other recipes leave much to be desired. Great for the whole family.
    I’ll be saving this in using for multiple meals in the future!

  53. 5 stars
    Very moist and flavorful! Easy and quick to throw together with on-hand spices. I was looking for something different than my go-to recipe and this worked wonderfully. I will certainly make it again!

  54. 5 stars
    Excellent meatloaf. I skip the milk which , in my opinion, makes it better as it is more firm. This is my go to recipe and currently printing it for my mother-in-law, so it must be good.

  55. This meatloaf starts a new ranking of 6 stars!!! So easy to make, tastes fabulous all the right ingredients that are already in the kitchen .. wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  56. 5 stars
    I thought this turned out really good. It was moist but held together. I did make sure to follow the author’s instructions to mix very well and let stand for 10 mins and it must have worked because it was not mushy and sliced firmly. I added diced green bell peppers to mine because I just like them. I used dark brown sugar since I didn’t have light for the topping. I don’t know if it made a difference but it tasted good to us. The recipe was easy to follow and easy to make. Will definitely make it again!

  57. 5 stars
    I really like this recipe. I learned something that I didn’t know. The 90/10 ground beef stays together better than 80/20. I’ve been cooking for 65 years and never knew that. It really does come together better. The gla3 is lovely also. A new twist on an old favorite

  58. 5 stars
    I put a half pd. of ground pork it just elevated the Meatloaf. Thanks for a delicious recipe of Meatloaf. Cindy 😊✌🏼

  59. 5 stars
    Literally the best meatloaf! We make it at least 3 times a month! So good! We even add some bacon and jalapeno occasionally for extra kick/flavor.

  60. 5 stars
    Wooowww!! This is a great recipe to follow. The instructions are clear and well written. My kids LOVED IT…not liked it LOVED IT (their words 🙂
    I did not have any Worcestershire so I used a 1/2 tbsp of bbq sauce. I also did not have any brown sugar so for the topping I used 2 tbsp of Ketchup 1/2 tbsp of bbq sauce and 1/8 tbsp of prepared yellow mustard, and did not put it in until the last 15 mins of cooking time.

    Will definitely be making again!!!

  61. 5 stars
    Made many meatloafs in my 79 years this is in the top 3 . Actually it’s even with numbers 1&2 Mom’s was always #1 with me , but this is pretty darn close . Loved it. I can’t match mom’s but I’ll make this !!!!

  62. 5 stars
    Just perfect. Old fashioned and yummy. My whole family loved this meatloaf I made. I gave the recipe out to them and my cousin then lost it. But found it again !

  63. 5 stars
    Awesome!! So good!! I made meatloaf all my life seemed to come out good to us. But this one was amazing very moist ever used milk in it before and very please with the recipe. We’ll make this way for now on. Can’t wait to try other recipe of yours.

  64. 5 stars
    This was a very delicious and easy meatloaf recipe. I prepped the meatloaf in the morning, covered with foil, and refrigerated until evening for dinner. I baked it in a pie plate, so it was easy to search as wedges. Thank you!

  65. 5 stars
    I’ve been making this meatloaf recipe for years, my whole family loves it. I usually double recipe for the topping because we love it. I also cook it in muffin tins for easier serving. Delicious!!

  66. 5 stars
    AWESOME RECIPE! I doubled the recipe and used 2 T minced garlic (jarred with the juice) vs powder.

  67. 5 stars
    I have made meatloaf my whole life, 49+ years. It was always a crap shoot on whether it was dry or turned out sloppy. This is one of those classic recipes a lot of us grew up with(my mom’s was ok, just ok). Whether it was good or not we had to eat it anyway! Needless to say, meatloaf was never one of my favorites…, until I went looking and found yours! My husband loves it, I love it, so easy to make, so flavorful.., oh so delicious!! Thank you for reinstating my love for meatloaf when I had all but given up and quit making it!! I can’t wait to see how your other comfort foods turn out!! Thank you, THANK YOU!!
    Krikket W and Family!!

    1. 5 stars
      Awesome recipe! I cook plenty of food for my homebound elderly patients and this gets rave reviews! Leftovers are perfect sandwiches…

  68. 5 stars
    I’ve made this recipe several times and I use grated Parmesan cheese instead of breadcrumbs and it taste awesome. Because of the other seasonings and onions you can’t taste the Parmesan cheese.

    1. 5 stars
      I double the glaze cause it’s so darn good!! I’ve made it at least a dozen times now and won’t try any other. Thanks!!

  69. 5 stars
    Delicious meat loaf. I used Bison meat because that is what I had in the fridge. I did not have brown sugar so i sprinkled raisins on the ketchup. Very tasty

  70. 5 stars
    I added 1/4 cup green bell pepper, 1/2 cup chopped olives and little white cheese pieces about 1/2 cup.


  71. 5 stars
    I agree this is the best meatloaf I have ever tasted. Awesome!! I will be making it again and often!!

  72. 5 stars
    This recipe is perfect as written. The secret is the milk which tenderizes and binds when mixed with the bread crumbs leading to a moist result that holds together nicely. The same strategy works very well with meatballs which can then be dropped into simmering sauce without browning which yields the tenderest of meatballs while holding together in your sauce. Meatloaf is one of those recipes that can be altered successfully in infinite ways. It is always puzzling to me, though, why people want to rate a recipe, only to describe how they’ve changed the entire thing. All I can say is, do yourself a favor and try this one as written. And, if you do alter something on future tries, whether for personal tastes or available supplies, be sure to use milk and breadcrumbs!

  73. 5 stars
    You ain’t lylin’… this is truly the best meatloaf recipe I have ever tried. I make it with ground turkey and it is incredible. Thank you so much

  74. Magnificent recipe! The essence of my childhood, ‘67 baby, with a side of mashed potatoes, cabbage and cornbread. Yummy, yum, yum! Thank you for sharing this gem—absolute perfection.

  75. 5 stars
    I have been making meatloaf for over 35 years . I tried this recipe and my husband loves it . I have made this meatloaf about 6 times now and it’s a winner everytime . Thank you The Wholesome Dish for sharing this wonderful and flavorful meatloaf . It is a wonderful flavorful meatloaf . I had been meaning to comment everytime but got sidetracked . Today is the day , I am giving this meatloaf a 5 star review. Much 💘 from Tennessee !!

  76. 5 stars
    I’ve used this recipe about ten times now. I don’t change a thing. This meatloaf is the most delicious recipe ever. There aren’t enough words to describe how good it is. I make sandwiches with it the next day for lunch at work. Thank you for posting it.

  77. 5 stars
    I literally HATE meatloaf. I always have (I’m 37). My husband wanted something different so I decided to try this recipe. OMG it is absolutely delicious. It is so good that I basically ate the entire pan Sunday night. It’s so good that today (Tuesday) I have 2 more pans in the oven right as I type this. 1 for them and 1 for me!

  78. 5 stars
    My family loved this meatloaf. I replaced the ketchup with Classico pizza sauce – only because I didn’t have any ketchup on hand – and added a little more brown sugar to the glaze!

    1. 5 stars
      I made this recipe without Impossible meat since we are vegetarian. I didn’t have ketchup so I subbed with Chinese barbecue sauce. It turned out spectacular. My husband can’t wait for the meatloaf sandwich tomorrow.

  79. 5 stars
    This was absolutely delicious!!! Printing and replacing my existing recipe!!! Definitely recommend!!!

  80. 5 stars
    Followed recipe precisely and my husband said it was new favorite meatloaf recipe, so two thumbs up!👍👍

  81. 3 stars
    I followed the recipe exactly but it still didn’t come out good for me. For me it fell apart even though I waited 15 minutes and really didn’t have much flavor.
    Can someone please help me!

  82. 5 stars
    This is my go to meatloaf recipe. It’s the closest one I could find to my grandma‘s. It does not disappoint and it comes out perfect every time!

  83. 5 stars
    Hands down the very best meatloaf recipe ever. My husband LOVES it!!!! I double the recipe and freeze one loaf pan of meatloaf.

  84. 5 stars
    I have been making this meatloaf for a couple years. Meatloaf is not my favorite meal, but this recipe is outstanding! It is so moist and flavorful. No one complains about having meatloaf when I use this recipe.
    Thanks for sharing it!

  85. 5 stars
    So moist! So happy I found your recipe! Big winner for dinner tonight and is sure to become a staple in our home, thank you!

  86. 5 stars
    Best meatloaf ever!!!
    I love meatloaf and have tried every recipe I can find. This one tops the list. Simple and delicious!!!

  87. 5 stars
    I’m so glad I found this recipe. I make it weekly. The brown sugar is literally the sugar on top. 5 stars all day long

  88. 5 stars
    I made this recipe for dinner this evening. It was absolutely delicious! I plan on doubling it next weekand baking to 165 degrees in my extra large pan for meat loaf with a drip pan to drain any grease it drips. Thank You for submitting this awesome recipe

  89. 5 stars
    Excellent easy meatloaf! It stays together and has great flavor. I have used 7% fat and 10% fat burger and both taste really good!

  90. 5 stars
    Yum! This is the first time I made a meatloaf that wasn’t too heavy. I will be using this recipe from now on. I doubled the recipe, but used 1 lb beef and 1 lb pork. I also used tomatoe sauce instead of ketchup. Thank you!!

  91. 5 stars
    Best meatloaf I’ve ever eaten..hands down! I thought I would deviate from my usual meatloaf and just try a different recipe. This was the best and moistest I have ever cooked and eaten and will definitely be making this again…as I finally found a meatloaf that was worth the effort of making. Super easy and super delicious!

  92. 5 stars
    My first time making. Big hit with family!
    Great presentation and VERY tasty.
    Love this meatloaf recipe! Will definitely be making again and again. (Thanks for sharing!)

  93. 5 stars
    This is our go to meatloaf recipe! We leave out the onions(not a fan of the texture) and sub for onion powder to give it the flavor. It really only takes 55 mins in the oven and is moist and delicious every time!

  94. 5 stars
    I actually doubled the recipe and it turned out perfect and I think my husband is still salivating over this meatloaf.

  95. 5 stars
    This is my go-to recipe for meatloaf. It’s moist and delicious! I love the topping, it’s exactly what it should be. The only change I make is I sauté the onions with real garlic before adding to the meatloaf since we don’t like onion pieces in the loaf. I also was out of breadcrumbs once so I crushed saltine crackers and it turned out so great I do that every time now. Thanks for the great recipe! xo

  96. 5 stars
    I really don’t comment on line to much but this meatloaf recipe was out of this world!! I’ve made this recipe 4 or 5 more times since the 1st time that it turned out so yummy. This will be my “put in my recipe file box” Thanks for sharing this recipe!!!

    1. Came here to ask the same question. I assumed so and when I made it, I doubled the recipe and it was nowhere near done at 55 mins.

    2. I doubled it and did cook it at least 10-15 minutes longer, but I used a thermometer to gauge when it was done. 160 degrees.

  97. 5 stars
    This is actually my second time making this Meatloaf recipe!
    I have never had anyone notice my Meatloaf was different before, first time my husband took a bite he said WOW this is really good , what did you do different? ! LOL
    Hope this one is just as yummy or better 😋! Thanks for the recipe!

    1. 4 stars
      I don’t do a lot of cooking but I had been craving meatloaf and found this recipe on line. the directions were very easy to follow, even for someone like me who doesn’t cook much. The meatloaf was very good although a little mushy even though I thought I had mixed it well enough. I will definitely make this again and make sure that I mix it really well. And I really enjoyed the meatloaf sandwiches too!

  98. I recently made this most delicious receipe recently.Now my family requests that I make it weekly.I serve it with garlic mashed potatoes &green beans.Serve with crusty Italian bread Yummy.Leftovers for sandwiches.

  99. 5 stars
    Been using this recipe for about 3 years now. It is BY FAR THE BEST! I’ve gotten so many compliments thanks to you Amanda!

    1. 5 stars
      I use this recipe often, I love it. The family loves it. I started doing one thing differently because of my family’s taste preference, I use jalapeño ketchup in the glaze instead of regular. It kicks up the flavor but doesn’t make it spicy. It’s a great variation. Great meatloaf recipe 👌

    2. 5 stars
      My son & grandson’s love this recipe. They come for dinner every Wednesday & would be happy with this each week. I make the recipe as written but I may try some of the suggestions on the other reviews. Thanks!

    3. 5 stars
      We are thoroughly enjoying this meatloaf it was wonderful I’m glad you took the time to figure it out and share with us. It turned out so nice I photographed it as well to share

  100. 5 stars
    My husband loves meatloaf but I have never made a good one till now!!! He absolutely loves this recipe!!!!

  101. 5 stars
    I doubled the recipe and used one pound of ground turkey and one pound of ground sweet sausage. It was moist and delicious!

  102. 5 stars
    Followed to the T except had no parsley so I used Italian seasoning and im in love with the taste my new favorite recipe for meatloaf!!!

  103. 5 stars
    This is my go to recipe, I use it every time I make meatloaf. My boyfriend specifically requests it, even though he never used to eat meatloaf.

    1. 5 stars
      My mother use to make the most delicious meatloaf, but I was never able to duplicate it. She’s gone now, so I just decided I would have to find a recipe totally different from hers, and this one is, but it’s also wonderfully delicious! We love this recipe! This is the one we use all the time now! Thank you so much for sharing!

  104. 5 stars
    Excellent recipe. First time making meatloaf and this recipe is very easy and delicious. Printed a copy since I know I will be making it quite often.

  105. I would like to use Oatmeal instead of breadcrumbs, and almond milk instead of regular milk.
    One cup of oatmeal seems like a lot.
    Can you please suggest an amount for the oatmeal and the almond milk?

    The recipe looks great!

  106. 5 stars
    Wow. This is the best meatloaf I’ve ever made. Quick and easy. I doubled the recipe and cooked 5 extra minutes. I also used 1/2 panko and 1/2 regular breadcrumbs because that’s what I had. Definitely a keeper. In fact I think my meatloaf recipe search is over!

  107. This is the best meatloaf!! My husband and son love it!!
    I decided to cook it in muffin pan this time and it turned out great!! I cooked it for 30 minutes. Also this time I used cracker crumbs because I didn’t have any bread crumbs. Still tasted Great!!

  108. I just fixed this recipe except I did not put milk in but put in not quite a lb. Of pork sausage. Otherwise, it was good to go. Man o man!!! My husband liked it alot… it was very good. I plan on making this from now on. Thank you

    1. I was just wondering about that since we have 2 canisters of Quaker Oats…
      However, I used a packet and a half of the Saltine crackers and used a can of evaporated milk instead. I’m gonna find me out how it turns out at dinner tonite!!!

  109. 5 stars
    The best meat loaf recipe ever! Moist, favorable and easy to make ! This is my first review of a recipe because I usually make adjustments to others posted but this one, perfect!

  110. I made this and it was fabulous. I used Heinz Honeyracha Ketchup instead of regular ketchup, and the flavor is amazing.

  111. Has anyone tried making this into meatballs? Wondering if that would work well. Obviously I would change the flavor profile to make it more Italian (no glaze, tomato paste instead of ketchup in the meat, oregano instead of parsley), but anyone have any thoughts on that?

  112. I have made this recipe in the past and my family loives it. Now I’m making it for 8 people. Do I double everything?

  113. 5 stars
    I MADE THIS MEATLOAF A FEW WEEKS AGO AND WE LOVED IT! Just spend two hours looking for the recipe because I forgot to marked it. Now I have it printed.. wasn’t sure if I was going to like the red wine vinegar but it made the sauce.

  114. Wonderful old-fashioned goodness. My family loved this meatloaf recipe best out of all the recipes I’ve tried. It’s simple to make with ingredients most people already have. Love it!

  115. 5 stars
    This is the BEST meatloaf…. I was never a fan of meatloaf but made this for my boyfriend. This is incredibly moist, flavorful, and the topping is the best!!

  116. My youngest daughter makes this for me and freezes it for extra meals. I love this recipe. Now tonight I’m going to surprise her by making it. I hope she still makes it for me. It tastes so much better when she cooks for me😊❤

  117. 5 stars
    This is one of the best meatloaf recipes I’ve tried. My daughter won’t eat any other kind now. And it’s just as easy as the recipe I used to use, and I like the flavor of this glaze more than the other one too. This has became a weekly staple in our house, and the only thing I sometimes change is to use fresh garlic instead of powder. But we think it’s great either way.

  118. 5 stars
    It is a good recipe. I added mushroom gravy mix for a little extra umph. I really enjoyed it and everyone else must have too since it was demolished.

  119. 5 stars
    I followed this recipe all the way to the tee and didn’t omit anything and it was the best meatloaf ever! My family loved it! Will definitely save it and make it again, THANKS!

  120. 5 stars
    I love this dish! I’ve made it so many times. This is the first time I’ve stopped to rate and comment on an online recipe. Thank you for this!

  121. 5 stars
    I just made this tonight for dinner, and I think it is “THE one.” I have been trying meatloaf recipes, trying to find one that pleases everyone. I had a copycat Boston Market recipe that, while it tasted good, was just too, too soggy, and fell apart — even after letting it sit for ten minutes. Plus, my son in law found it too ketchupy. With your recipe, I made 2 loaves with just under a total of 4 lbs. of meat (so about 1.8 lbs. for each.) I had to estimate a bit to nearly double the other ingredients. I had to bake it for an additional 15 mins. — until a meat thermometer registered 155 degrees F. I let it sit for ten mins., and it came out beautifully! In one piece, juicy and flavorful. I think the Worcestershire sauce is a very nice touch. I was annoyed I didn’t have parsley, but used equal parts thyme and rosemary, and it was terrific. Next time, I’ll try the recipe as written, with parsley. I strongly suggest people buy the two part meatloaf pans, which have an insert with holes, to drain away the fat. I was able to use cheaper, 80% fat hamburg, and with the two part pans, drained away excess fat.

  122. 5 stars
    Thank you for the recipe. Our family loves meatloaf. This recipe is great. My modifications were to brown the onions for more flavor and add grated carrots and dived green peppers. I also put katsup on top of the glaze at the end of baking and then it under the broiler for about 4 minutes. I would have had bacon strips on top but we were out of bacon at the time. My meatloaf was free form, sitting on tin foil on a rack sitting that was in a sheet pan that also was protected with foil for easy clean up. Again, Thank You.

  123. 5 stars
    Terrific!! Has just become my go to recipe for meal loaf ❤️ Only change I made was to the glaze – I have my own recipe for that. Thank you!!

  124. 5 stars
    This recipe was so easy to make and was super delicious. I doubled the recipe and made it with beef and pork. Also, since I didn’t have ketchup for a topping, I used BBQ sauce and it was turned out quite good.

  125. 5 stars
    This is the second time making this wonderful meatloaf. Cutting back on my salt intake I followed the basic receipe, but this time making it I added 2 Tbls ea. of sauteed but still crunchy Green, Yellow, Red and Orange Bell Peppers and 1/2 lb. Of Tennessee Pride Hot Sausage. I omitted salt, pepper and worcestershire sauce. It was great and made a slightly larger meatloaf enough to freeze. Baked 10 mins longer.

  126. 5 stars
    I’ve made this meatloaf a few times and it is absolutely delicious. It is my go to meatloaf recipe now. Thank you for such a tasty and easy recipe.

  127. In this meatloaf, I added cinnamon and cumin powder. Minced ginger. In the topping, added chilli flakes. It was moist and delicious. Thank you.

  128. This was fantastic. I have tried several meatloaf recipes in recent months and this was the best. Very moist and delicious, a huge hit. I made 2 and froze one! Easy.

  129. Very good recipe. If I use 5 lbs of hamburger do I do anything different in the ingredience

  130. 5 stars
    Great recipe. I added small amount of chopped mushrooms sautéed with onions on the 2nd time I made it. Plus used 2 eggs instead of milk. Liked the simple glaze. Four grandsons liked the addition of mushrooms.

  131. 5 stars
    I never cared for meatloaf, but this recipe is a keeper! Easy and delicious! Made a convert out of me! Everyone I’ve made it for just raves about how good it is! 👍🙏🏻Thank you!

  132. 5 stars
    Very good meat loaf, it stayed together when slicing it.
    It also makes the best sandwiches when it’s cold.

  133. 5 stars
    Absolutely delicious! I actually doubled the recipe because I had almost 3 lbs of beef. I also only added a light layer of sauce. Because of the amount I used a glass rectangle dish and molded into a large loaf. I’m looking forward to leftovers tomorrow!

  134. I normally hate meatloaf. All my life always hated it. Made this recipe and I absolutely love it as does the family.
    I don’t change anything in this recipe.

  135. We have a joke in our family every time I cook meatloaf pizza magically appears that our So I tried your recipe and they ate it right up didn’t even leave me enough for a meatloaf sandwich the next day!!

  136. 5 stars
    I make this meatloaf recipe every month and don’t change anything. It’s my family’s favorite! Thank you

  137. 5 stars
    This recipe is the best! I make it as written and sometimes sprinkle a few French fried onions on top of the glaze. My husband and I love it and our toddler does, too! We just cut off the top part with the glaze for her because the flavor is a bit strong for her, but as she gets older I’m sure she’ll love that part, too.

  138. 5 stars
    This is now a go to weeknight meal that feels like Sunday dinner. It’s simple to make and comes out perfectly every time. Thank you!

  139. 5 stars
    This is the BEST meatloaf recipe!! I use my mixer to mix the ingredients together. I make 2 loaves;cook them and freeze one for another meal.

  140. 5 stars
    This meatloaf is SO good. There are few things my kids ask for and even less that they both eat. This is one of them.

    So easy to make and declious. 🙂

  141. I made this recipe meatloaf 2 weeks ago andnit was a hit with scalloped potatoes my family loved it! I used red wine instead of Redwine vinegar delicious!

  142. 5 stars
    Old dude, not a baker and/or cook. Took this to a senior citizen luncheon meeting as my contribution. Many positive comments including requests for the recipe. I have to agree. It really was delicious.

  143. 4 stars
    A lot of great tips for this recipe! I did find that there wasn’t enough flavor to it so I will add a little more next time and also add minced garlic, the most important tip as you said DO NOT cut it until it cools, not only to hold its shape but to keep it moist, if you cut it too soon the juices will escape forever 🤣

    1. Enjoyed this recipe very much. I always was stand off when it came to meat loaf. But this one is great. It makes the best meat loaf sandwiches.

  144. This is by far the best recipe for meat loaf I make it at least once a month! Everyone asks for recipe! Thank you

  145. 5 stars
    My husband and I loved this meatloaf. I used italian croutons and crushed them a little (those suckers are hard!) and soaked them in the milk (great tip). Only because I was too lazy to make breadcrumbs. This will be our go to recipe from now on.

  146. 5 stars
    I doubled the topping which made my husband very happy. The best recipe ever, probably, because of the topping.

  147. 5 stars
    I substituted the dried parsley for fresh and the red wine vinegar for balsamic. This was the best meatloaf I have ever made!!

  148. 5 stars
    The recipe was moist and delicious with 97%-3% ground beef. So much so, that we’re adding it to our regular rotation. I doubled it the first time I made it, I just wish they made a longer loaf pan that was self draining so I wouldn’t have to wash two pans.

    1. I have a meatloaf pan that is two layers. The top layer pan that you put the meat in has small drainage holes and the bottom is a traditional loaf pan. I got mine at Williams and Sonoma but I’ve seen it for a lot less at Walmart.

      1. I just bought two of those pans, and I am so happy with them! They drain away a lot of fat, making for a healthier meatloaf.

      2. Those pans work great. It separates the oil in the ground beef from the beef as it cooks.

      3. Thank you for this .I’m a RN and try to decrease saturated fats without sacrificing taste. My family has some issues with DM and heart disease.

  149. I liked this recipe, but I felt like there were too many bread crumbs. Next time, I won’t use so many. I must not have mixed it well enough, cause you could see some of the bread crumbs & it just looked like mold in the meatloaf. If you use all the bread crumbs, make sure you really do mix it well.

  150. Love this recipe! Didn’t have vinegar so had to skip the glaze. Doubled recipe too. I always shape meatloaf by hand and place atop slices of bread or thin buns in the bottom of a cast iron skillet.I also use my finger to create a trench on the top center of meatloaf before cooking. It keeps it extra moist. Family loved it!

    1. Any kind of vinegar will work. I used apple cider vinegar because that’s what I had and it turned out great. Even without any kind of vinegar (ketchup has some), ketchup and brown sugar is good on its own, just a little sweeter.

  151. 5 stars
    I made your recipe today and both my husband and I really enjoyed it. I used brown gravy instead of ketchup and brown sugar. It was absolutely Delicious!
    I will be making this recipe again.

    1. 5 stars
      Hi Elizabeth…just wanted to comment that you really missed the boat by not using the recommended glass. Not sweet – just DELICIOUS! You really should try it next time.

      Annie B.

  152. 5 stars
    Best meatloaf recipe I have ever used. Perfect for us. Makes great meatloaf sandwiches the next day. I have tried many recipes. I also add chopped celery.

  153. 5 stars
    I have made this recipe several times, and it is the best meatloaf recipe! Everyone loves it, and it now lives in our “family favorites” recipe box.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  154. 5 stars
    This is a recipe I come back to over and over again. I have it memorized but also saved on my phone. The 90% really is the secret.

  155. 5 stars
    This was so delicious the meat loaf was soft and moist. I didn’ have milk so use water instead but it was good thank you for sharing this recipe and looking forward to try your other recipes

    1. I made this for my family. I don’t know how to cook America food but this recipe helped me. My grandson’s loved it. I’m making it again.

    2. 5 stars
      Have made this a bunch of times. Probably the best recipe I’ve found. I follow the recipe exactly except for the glaze, never have red wine vinegar..Instead I use a fruity balsamic, usually cherry. Amazing every time!!! Thanks

  156. 5 stars
    I have tried many meatloaf recipes in my kitchen, as it is a personal favorite and this is the best.
    I was thoroughly satisfied with the results. The texture, flavor and moisture were all perfect. Well done!
    This recipe is my new meatloaf standard as It created a dish that is exactly what I think of when I think of meatloaf.
    I also enjoyed the ‘why and why not’ section preceding the recipe. It answered a few questions I would have had.

  157. Has anyone made this in the air fryer? Jf so, how did it turn out? What temp and how long did you cook it for? Thanks!!

    1. I made it in my oven/air fryer, but I used the oven convection setting. I had them temp at 300 and baked for 35 min instead of 55. It got a bit crispy on the outside, but still tasted great.

    1. 5 stars
      So true … I’ve always said a recipe’s precise flavor indication is how DELICIOUS are the LEFTOVERS 😋

  158. 5 stars
    I have tried many meatloaf recipes and this is one of the best…simple ingredients that just taste great together. I made it as written except I omitted the egg. I didn’t use the glaze…I served it with homemade brown gravy instead. Will make this often. Thank you for the recipe.

  159. This recipe is a keeper! Tasty and freezes well (I froze half). Added a little sweet Thai chili sauce to the glaze as an experiment.

  160. 5 stars
    I have to say best Meatloaf recipe to date.
    I doubled the recipe and froze half for a later date.
    Added a 1/4 tsp of nutmeg and 1/4 tsp of cinnamon as well to the meat. I did also saute the onions and fresh grated garlic before mixing it in with the meat, spices, etc.

    The loaf when done was sooo moist.
    Will have to make it again!

  161. 5 stars
    I am not a meat loaf lover but my husband loves it. I made this tonight first time it was excellent. So moist, so tasty, very easy. Making it in a loaf pan definitely works better than any other baking dish I’ve used.

  162. 5 stars
    Hi I was wondering if I could use ground bison in place of ground beef. If so, what changes if any would you suggest?

  163. 5 stars
    Just curious- has anyone made meatballs with this recipe? I though about subbing tomato sauce for the ketchup ( and of course, no topping).

  164. 5 stars
    This is a super delicious meatloaf!!!!
    I just have one question, can I substitute the breadcrumbs? Or, can omit the breadcrumbs without sacrifice the taste?
    Thank you, Teresa Riccardi.

  165. 5 stars
    I’ve been looking for an easy but tasty meatloaf recipe that my family can all agree on and came across this one. My 16 year old helped make it and it was very easy. I lined my pan with foil, used non stick cooking spray and just lifted it out, which worked well. Once it was out on the table, it was like a pack of wild animals attacked. I wasn’t sure if I’d even get a slice. I didn’t have red wine vinegar so I just omitted it from the topping and it was still really tasty. My 12 year old asked if there was more sauce for dipping so next time I’ll probably make extra and just heat it a bit. This was by far the best meatloaf recipe I’ve made. Thank you!

  166. This recipe is awesome, I have made it twice now. My family loves it… use 2 lbs of ground beef ND double all the ingredients so we have leftovers too!

  167. 5 stars
    I made this recipe using ingredients and directions almost exactly, I didn’t have on hand Red Wine Vinegar so I substituted with Apple Cider Vinegar!
    I will never make Meatloaf any other way!
    This is the best Meatloaf I have ever had!
    Two of us ate almost the whole thing in one sitting!
    My Meatloaf recipe was close to this one , except I always used crackers (not anymore). Never used Worcestershire Sauce or dried parsley either.
    This will be my go to recipe from now on ! Can’t wait to share the recipe with my Sisters!
    Yummy 😋

  168. 5 stars
    Best meatloaf I have cooked based on any recipe. But why are instructions on freezing and reheating put forward and yet no specific oven temp and reheating time.

  169. 5 stars
    I have not made meatloaf in at least a year because I quit liking my recipe. I made this recipe last night and it is wonderful…I’ll be making it monthly now! It was not dry, stuck together well and very tasty. The only thing I will do differently next time is make extra sauce.

  170. 5 stars
    I used gluten-free breadcrumbs & substituted tomato paste for the ketchup in the glaze. Easy to make & very delicious 😋!

  171. 5 stars
    First meatloaf that turned out right, moist and delicious, definitely saving this one!

    I did make a slight change, I doubled the recipe and used half lean ground beef and half ground deer meat, I did not have worchestershire so it was omitted but the glaze really made this great!

  172. I made it tonight for the first time for my husband. I was skeptic at first but followed the recipe. It was just like all the comments above. Delicious. I will be making it again. I give it a 5 star.

  173. 5 stars
    This is my go to meatloaf recipe. I use fresh garlic because I always have it on hand. I usually have to make two loaves because it goes so quickly. Thank you!

  174. 5 stars
    Delicious, my partner loved it. The ONLY thing I did different was add a little thyme and pinch of coriander. I also formed a loaf by hand and baked it on a foil-lined cookie sheet (my preferred method), rather than in a loaf pan. I think next time I’ll add about 1/3 cup more breadcrumbs (I use crushed Ritz), I like my meatloaf just a little bit dryer, and I’ll probably skip baking it with the ketchup sauce and just have ketchup on the side, or with mushroom gravy. Replacing half the onions with red or green peppers would be yummy too.

  175. 5 stars
    Best meatloaf, moist and just down home awesome! That’s what meatloaf should be. I only had 80% ground beef on hand, hoping not to make it crumbly as the notes mentioned, I added an extra 1/4 C of bread crumbs. I let it sit for 10 – 15 min and it sliced perfectly right in the loaf pan. This is my go to meatloaf recipe.

  176. 5 stars
    I made this last night. It was so good! My husband literally said “this is the best meatloaf I have ever had”. I had a left over bourbon bbq sauce (that was mainly ketchup) from a shrimp & grits recipe that needed to used up and it was perfect! Will try the sauce as written next time.

  177. 5 stars
    I thought I had the best meatloaf recipe around….I stand corrected. This was amazing.
    I only had to change two things; used regular vinegar, and had to use an 8×8 baking pan as my mother still had my meatloaf pan. Still turned out delicious.
    Was thinner, so only had to bake for 45 minutes.
    Thank you for sharing, I will be using this recipe from now on.

  178. 5 stars
    This is the only meat loaf recipe that we use! Always comes out perfect. We have started using impossible burger instead of hamburger, and honestly cannot tell the difference…except how the hands feel after manually mixing everything together. We have it several times a month!

  179. 5 stars
    Have made this a few times. Really easy to make and super tasty. We like cheddar cheese a lot so I add some into the middle while putting the mixture into the pan and then on top near the end of the cook time.

  180. 5 stars
    I’ve probably made this recipe soo many times already. It is a big hit at my church and through my entire family. My husband and children are the pickiest of eaters and this one wins them over, Every Time.

    My favorite!

  181. 5 stars
    This is always my go to meatloaf recipe. Tonight I’m adding a package of clubhouse meatloaf seasoning to it. Excellent recipe!

  182. 5 stars
    I made this recipe for the first time tonight and we really loved it the only change I made was instead of Balsamic vinegar I made the sauce with ketchup barbecue sauce and brown sugar and it was delicious..will be making it again

  183. 5 stars
    Excellent! I added frozen veggies to meat mixture and it was heavenly. I substituted ground chicken as well! YUMMY!

  184. 5 stars
    Making for the second time! My husband and teenage son love it! I didn’t use red wine vinegar, but it still turns out great! I used 1 tsp. dried chopped onion instead of fresh. Easy and much better than packaged meatloaf packets!

  185. 5 stars
    Best meatloaf I’ve ever had!! Made a few adjustments…used soy sauce instead of worcestershire, apple cider vinegar instead of red wine vinegar.
    Will definitely make this again and again.

  186. 5 stars
    Been making meatloaf so similar to your recipe for 55 years. The only difference is instead of bread crumbs I use ground corn flakes. Gives a little sweetness to it. I do a double recipe and make meatballs with the other half. I add some oregano and grated cheese. One mess…2 meals.

  187. 5 stars
    This meatloaf was fantastic. Made it exactly as stated and it was the best meatloaf I’ve ever eaten. Definitely will be making again and again! Thank you!

  188. 5 stars
    The word “meatloaf” reminded me of the dry flavorless ick meatloaf we had at school.
    This, however, is a wower! Hubby says it’s the best he ever had.
    I like to add corn for color and a few shakes of parmesan

  189. 5 stars
    This might sound sacrilegious. but we have been making the recipe as is, and are now substituting impossible burger for the beef. Honestly we cannot tell the difference, taste and texture is exactly the same. Great recipe either way.

  190. 5 stars
    Tried this recipe since I hadn’t made meatloaf in years. My husband was a bit skeptical since it called for ketchup, which he is not a fan of, but he loved it! I am now making it for the 3rd time since I found this recipe. We absolutely love this meatloaf! It makes great meatloaf sandwiches too!
    Thanks for the recipe!

  191. 5 stars
    I don’t usually cook or eat beef but my husband asked for beef meatloaf so I found your recipe. I would normally use my Mom’s recipe as I think hers is the best! Was I delightfully surprised to find yours tasted as good, if not better than my Mom’s!

  192. 5 stars
    I’ve never been a big meatloaf fan. Made it for years using ingredients I thought should be in it. Today I used and followed this recipe and I LOVED it. Husband was in his office working and came out to ask me what the delicious smell was. He loved it too. Thank you, I will only use this recipe from now on.

  193. 5 stars
    My husband wasn’t thrilled when I said we are having meatloaf for dinner. When he tasted this meatloaf his attitude changed. He said it was the best tasting meatloaf that he’s ever had and I agree! The tangy topping is like the icing on the cake! Delicious!

  194. 5 stars
    I love this recipe……I always put ketchup in my meatloaf, but when I tried the bbq sauce, it was soooooooo much better! I don’t care for the chopped onions, so I use a packet of onion soup mix and it works great!

  195. 3 stars
    I followed this recipe to the letter. Was not satisfied with the results. Next time I will use Ground Beef that’s not as lean (for better flavor) and less bread crumbs (tasted like bread crumbs and had a weird texture), more seasonings. The sauce was good.

  196. 5 stars
    I do not usually like to eat beef but the guys in my family wanted it. Made it last night and it tasted just like my Mom’s, who I think made THE best meatloaf!

  197. I have almost four lbs of ground beef for a large family. Do I triple the ingredients to make four loafs

  198. I’ve tried scores of recipes for meatloaf and this will be my g-to recipe. It really is very good,

    I love the fact that I can use lean ground beef and tbe meatloaf is moist and flavorful. I was buying ground chuck for flavor—but the fat level was always such a turnoff.

    I think it’s important to follow the recipe as weitten. The technique is part of why it is so good. Mix everything, but the meat together first. When it’s well combined, add it to the meat. Don’t take a shortcut and add the breadcrumbs, spices, etc separately to the mean. Mix them all together first and then mix with the meat.

  199. 5 stars
    I just made this as my first ever meatloaf in my copper meatloaf pan… didn’t have any red wine. But instead of making that glaze I used a bbq sauce. I also hollowed a pocket out and stuffed a stick of string cheese inside. This was FANTASTIC!! I will be making it for my kids this weekend!!!

  200. 5 stars
    I’ve made this so many times and every time it’s amazing. It’s so easy. I’ve used 80% meat, 93% meat, and everything in between and it turns out delicious every time. One time I even forgot the milk (I set it off to the side of the other ingredients) and it was still moist! I do use 1.5 lbs of meat instead of 1 lb and keep everything else the same, and it all works. Thank you for this recipe!

  201. 5 stars
    This is the juiciest & most flavorful meatloaf I think I’ve ever made!! My new go-to meatloaf recipe! Thanks!

  202. 5 stars
    We have made this many times Tonight we used Impossible burger instead of ground beet. It was every bit as
    good as ground beef! Made exactly as directed in the recipe, except the substitution of the “Veggie burger”. Will make it this way from now own! Excellent recipe!

  203. Made this tonight for my guy, absolutely loved it! I wanted a change from my typical Campbell’s soup meatloaf and we were not disappointed at all. Didn’t change anything, it was perfect!

  204. 5 stars
    Very good recipe! I have added this to my core list of favoeite comfort foods! Added more salt after tasting & will add more worchester to next loaf.
    Thank you.
    Norwegian Rose 🙂

  205. 5 stars
    I’ve made this a handful of times for our family and we love it. I do 1.34lb beef and adjust the ingredients then double the topping. I’ve also cooked some mushrooms to go in twice, I still bake for just an hour @ 350° and it comes out so moist and perfect.

    1. Did u put mushrooms in the meatloaf mixture? I love mushrooms and was wandering if it will be good with cup of saute’ mushrooms in the mixture and then following the recipe the same…
      Would really appreciate the response💌😊

  206. 5 stars
    Great recipe. Skipped the milk. Wanted to make this gluten-free so I tossed in a handful of uncooked quinoa – probably quarter cup to 1 pound of meat. Also mixed in chopped up raw zucchini, about a cup along with chopped raw red onion. The extra moisture provided by the veggies required no adjustment to liquids. Used leftover marinara sauce with balsamic vinegar And a bit of brown sugar for the topping. Unfortunately no leftovers for lunch the next day. Enjoy

  207. Best meatloaf I ever had! I always disliked meatloaf as a kid. This recipe has me actually wanting to make meatloaf its yummy

  208. 5 stars
    This was DELICIOUS – I haven’t had meat loaf in a while because bread crumbs and diabetes don’t mix well, but I found some pork rind “panko” crumbs that made me want to try it tonight. I followed the recipe exactly (except using the new crumbs) and it turned out amazing and I can’t wait to have the leftovers and make it again through the winter. Thank you for posting!

    1. absolutely! I make this meatloaf using half very lean beef and half ground pork (or actually pork sausage -because we like the flavor of the sausage.)

    2. I am sure you could and was considering trying that next time. I have a friend who is allergic to beef and she’s going to try with turkey and pork sausage. I think it would still be delicious

  209. 5 stars
    More than enough for our small family of 3. Made with mashed potatoes and gravy and glazed baby carrots. Better than the restaurant’s we usually get it from! It is very dense, but that just means it will keep you Fuller, longer;)!
    So happy to have found one that did not become a hollowed out shell with all the juices running out!!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  210. 5 stars
    I’m an old, widowed male. I fixed this recipe tonight and it turned out great.

    Thank you for the recipe. I haven’t had meatloaf since my wife passed a couple of years ago.

    Thanks again. Merry Christmas.

    1. Searching for a recipe and saw this comment and it touched my heart, so I made this recipe. Agreed, great recipe! Will be adding to the rotation.

  211. 5 stars
    Epic. I dislike meatloaf. I think it’s just how others have made it. I made this recipe for my husband last year because he had a hankering for it. I tried it and fell in love. This recipe is perfect. I am making it again tonight and my mouth is just watering, waiting for it to come out of the oven. I also made two loaves because I didn’t think one would be enough 😉

  212. 5 stars
    Every time I make this meatloaf, it is a winner in my family! I make it with ground turkey. The glaze topping is absolutely the best!

  213. 5 stars
    Excellent recipe..I made it with 1.25 lbs ground beef and used balsamic vinegar. Otherwise, followed the recipe and will make it again, and again, and again… Thank you!

    1. 5 stars
      Balsamic vinegar works well but can be overwhelming on the taste buds i use half the recommendation you would use for red wine vinegar.

      1. 5 stars
        I use seasoned rice vinegar if no wine vinegar in the house. In fact I use seasoned rice vinegar in lots of things.

        I also throw in a half cup of fine chopped red or green pepper. makes a perfect recip even more perfect!

  214. 5 stars
    Love this recipe. My hubby is picky and loves it without onions. I put green beans in the bottom then my meatloaf. My sister does hers that way so I started doing that too.

  215. Can I make this without putting it in a loaf pan so I can roast potatoes around it in the drippings? Would I need to adjust the time?

    1. 5 stars
      I’ve made this recipe dozens of times because it’s THAT good, and I always use a big casserole dish because I don’t have a loaf pan. Besides the dish it’s cooked it, I follow the recipe exactly and it turns out perfect every time. Just be advised there’s not a lot of drippings for other stuff to cook in, because the meat recommended is very lean.

    2. 5 stars
      I make individual loaves by shaping by hand and laying out on a baking sheet. I mix a 1 lb meat mix into 4 separate loaves to make four servings. Or 2 lb meat mix for 8 servings.

  216. 5 stars
    I’ve made this recipe probably thirty times by now. It’s so easy and delicious. My husband and I like it but most importantly, my toddler gobbles it down every time I make it. If you have a picky eater, this is the recipe! If I don’t have bread crumbs I use 1 1/4 cups rolled oats and it works just as well. I’ll probably make it a second time this week, that’s how big of fans we are.

    1. 5 stars
      Awesome recipe, my bride been getting cherry balsamic vinegar which I use for the topping. Game changer!

    2. 5 stars
      Madde this 20 times, my girl not a fan of meatloaf until now! Awesome recipe, my bride been getting cherry balsamic vinegar which I use for the topping. Game changer!

  217. 5 stars
    I doubled the recipe and used Stovetop Stuffing instead of bread crumbs. The stuffing has enough crumbs for 2 lbs of hamburger.
    My husband LOVED it.

  218. 5 stars
    I made this recipe for the first time a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t made meatloaf many times before this. Everyone loved it! I had 3# 0f 80% beef . I multiplied the recipe by 3. I decreased the milk by 1/3 C. I followed the recipe exactly otherwise. My granddaughter told her mother she liked this better than hers! My daughter got the recipe!
    I may add some finely grated carrots next time. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!

  219. Excel ant,great flavor. I added 2 cloves of garlic & 1/3 cup green pepper. The brown sugar & catsup topping really made it tasty!

  220. 5 stars
    Hi, I made this recipe with the impossible burger, turned out great! And I also added a little mustard to my ketchup topping, I like to add rolled oats to the mixture also. Thanks for a good recipe!

  221. 5 stars
    Made this recipe for dinner tonight. My husband wanted a traditional meatloaf and this recipe ticked all the boxes. Wow! This is really good! This will definitely be my go-to meatloaf recipe from here on out. Thank you!

  222. 5 stars
    This was sooo amazing! Just like the way I had it growing up. I’ve never made meatloaf before and it was so easy. I like how you could just toss all of your ingredients at the same time in one pan. I was worried that using beef only would be dry but it was actually very moist. This will be my only meatloaf recipe going forward. For my glaze I used tbsp mustard instead of the red wine vinegar and it was great.

  223. Second time making! Family absolutely loved it the first time so I made 3 lbs of meat tonight! Thanks for sharing the recipe !

  224. I never could get the wet/dry ratio just right, then I came across this one and now it’s my holy grail recipe, so much that I’ve printed it off a few times as I manage to grease and splash up my printed versions and can’t live without it. Thank you!

  225. 5 stars
    One of my favorite meatloaf recipes. I make it as is and I also make it with ground turkey sometimes. It is great both ways. I also add a tsp or two of Dijon mustard to the mix. It adds a nice flavor. You can’t go wrong with this meatloaf recipe.

  226. 5 stars
    I echo the positive comments above. A person who doesn’t usually like meatloaf LOVED it! Moist and delicious. I am bringing some to a Thanksgiving dinner!

    1. Definitely do not double the cooking time. I would recommend adding 10 minutes for a double loaf and then checking the doneness.

      I made this using 3 lbs of lean burger and amended the other ingredients accordingly and added around 15 minutes. Baked mine in a cake pan and think I could have cut off 5 minutes. It was a huge hit.

  227. 5 stars
    This meatloaf is delicious!!! If you’re looking for something different TRY IT😊
    I made a few changes though, added green bell pepper, 3 tab ketchup, no milk. For topping I only had balsamic vinegar on hand, it was very tasty. Hubby loved it!!!

  228. Hi, this is my 3 time making this recipe, and my husband keeps on asking to make it over ,and over again. It’s simple the best, thank you!

    Just one question: how long to bake, for a 2pounds meet ? Thank you!

  229. Super mea- loaf recipe. I will make this again. It did not fall apart when sliced. I used chunky salsa and honey for the topping. I also added diced green bell pepper, chili powder, cumin, oregano and cilantro flakes in the meat and, I also added about 1/4 pound of ground sausage. Cooked it at 350 for about 1.5 hours. Checked it often and drained liquid when it was necessary. Let it rest for 5 minutes, as instructed, and it was perfect.

  230. 5 stars
    Everyone is going to shake their heads when they read this, but I’ve been making this as a vegan recipe for several years and it’s a hit! My wife is allergic to eggs and I was raised not eating meat. Everyone that we’ve made this for is obsessed with it. We substitute the ground beef with the Morningstar Crumbles that you can get at Walmart these days, and we use flax seed for the egg. 1 tbls of ground flax to 3 tbls of warm water that rests for 5 minutes prior to adding to the other ingredients. Thank you for sharing this.

  231. This is exact go to recipe for meatloaf I’ve used for 40 years. But have never added a topping until now. Extra punch is nice. I have always used crushed club crackers instead of bread crumbs. Adds a rich buttery flavor.

  232. 5 stars
    I have found that by putting toasted loaf bread on the bottom of the loaf pan and then putting the meatloaf on top of the bread , any excess fat is absorbs into the bread that’s in the bottom of the pan.

  233. I started cooking for my elderly mother 4 years ago, this is her favorite meatloaf and she admitted better than her long-time recipe. I use 2lbs hamburger and 1 lb sausage, and double the recipe for everything else. I also add 1/2 cup diced green peppers, its the best!

  234. 4 stars
    Thank you for this recipe! I had never made meatloaf at home before so this was really easy and it totally worked. I understand how the glaze stole everyone’s hearts – seeing the comments I had doubled the glaze recipe just in case and used half for the top and half for dipping and it was great. One tiny critique would be that it is a very sweet dish overall with all the ketchup and brown sugar, but its a preference if you ask me, you like it or you don’t. Anyways, I will be keeping this recipe for the future that’s for sure !

  235. 4 stars
    Great recipe!

    Trying to reduce bread from my diet, so can I substitute Almond flour or another wheat-free filler in place of the bread crumbs?

  236. 5 stars
    Nice flavor and texture. Good advice on the lean meat and chopping onion finely. Next time I will try sauteeing onion a bit because that sounds good too.

  237. 5 stars
    When I was younger, I worked in a restaurant kitchen. We made meatloaf 30 lbs at a time in a commercial Hobart mixer. I never cared for the taste of their meatloaf and never tried to cook any at home.

    I’m retired now and made your meatloaf recipe for my husband…he loved it! I used 93% lean ground beef and added green pepper. I preferred to make a loaf on a sheet pan. The advantage to making it in this shape is more sauce can be applied to the outside surface. When making the loaf, shape the loaf tightly with no cracks on the surface. After baking, let the loaf rest for 10 minutes before slicing. This shape makes a nice presentation for the table.

  238. 5 stars
    I use an envelopemof onion soup mix to my meat mixture and also just cut up finely onion, green pepper, and celery . I put the veggies in a bowl of water and microwave for 2 minutes. Drain and add veggies to the meat mix. Put into a loaf pan and top with the ketchup and brown sugar. Sooo good if you want some more of the veggies.
    Thanks for posting your recipe!

  239. 5 stars
    This meatloaf is amazing! I make it for my boyfriend and I about once or twice a month and he loves it. I accidentally used worcester sauce for the glaze instead of the red wine vinegar and my boyfriend actually prefers it. In case you don’t have the red wine or do not like the red wine vinegar, worcester sauce works great too!

  240. I haven’t made this yet, but I love that it is a simple and basic recipe. I’ve not been successful with meatloaf so I have some questions:
    Can I bake it in a glass loaf pan and what adjustments for time and oven temperature?
    Is this actual bread crumbs, not Panko? What kind of bread crumbs?
    Looking forward to replies. Thanks!!

    1. I live 5000ft above sea level : I mixed 1/2 lb lean ground beef & 1/2 lb of ground turkey …. I cooked in glass pan & used Panko bread crumbs at 350 for 1hour 10 mins- it came out Perfect!

    2. 5 stars
      I used a 9×13 glass pan. Baked it at 350 for an hour and it turned out perfectly. I have a very hot oven so yours might be slightly different

    3. My family loves this! I’ve made it in glass and metal. Both are great but you’ll have to add time for glass and it won’t get that scrumptious “crust” a metal pan will give. Hands down this meatloaf recipe wins every time! I use regular bread crumbs but I’m sure Pablo would be just as good. Take this recipe as a foundation then do your own experimenting to the way you like!

  241. 2 stars
    I really have to say I’m surprised no one has mentioned the amount of bread crumbs. I followed the recipe to the T like I always do trying something new. While the overall flavor was good, the consistency was way off. Like eating meat flavored cake

    1. 2 stars
      My family loved this meatloaf, but I agree with you, Lee. I think this was way too heavy on the breadcrumbs. The flavor was really good and the sauce was delicious, but the texture was unappealing to me.

    1. 5 stars
      Loved this meatloaf recipe. Easy and quick to make. Followed the directions except added cream and 2 percent milk, half of each. Husband and my 8 year old asked for seconds; always a good sign. Will be making this again.

    2. 5 stars
      Used 85% lean fresh ground beef and baked it on baking sheet not loaf pan. it was so moist and delicious. Just had leftover for breakfast.

  242. 5 stars
    When I tried this recipe, I didn’t think it would impress as much as it did. I used 3 pounds of meat so I had to triple the ingredients as I have 3 males in my family plus me you know they eat so much. Anyway, the family ate and liked it. I definitely recommend this. The glaze was a delicious topper and mixed in made the meat a bit sweet it was so yummy I will be reaching for it more now. Thank you to THEWHOLESOMEDISH COM!

      1. I cook ground beef to 165 -170 degrees.

        The recipe says to cook for 55 minutes. Depending on how large or small you make the loaf, I think cooking to a temperature is better. I am not a chef, just a wife, mom, grandma…and I make meatloaf often. I think this is an excellent recipe!

  243. 5 stars
    First time maker of same here… I am a lady in my later 50’s, who today lives in far NE Kansas in deep farm country (for example? my town has 124 folks in it, but I am literally in a sea of green crops when looking out the windows…), having moved from San Diego, and who has cooked lifetime without a recipe. Because of a thing or two, I do look for “some” recipes today. This meatloaf was darn near exactly the same as the one in my “ladies of the church” hand made type cookbook from the late 1950’s – This is the one my Mother used for a bi-weekly Friday night dinner at my house growing up. Topping was the same as well…! Having looked for it for ages (my Kansas cookbook is all torn up today, and missing a page or two), am VERY happy to have found VERY similar here! Made it, forgot the milk, like a doofus, but it has plenty of beef broth and homegrown diced tomatoes, just for fun. Cheers all!

  244. 5 stars
    I love this meatloaf and make it exactly as described. I line my pan with foil and then can just pull the loaf right out.

  245. 5 stars
    Thank you for sharing. Delicious, my spouse is a fan. My 11 year old was so hesitant but finally took a bit and loved it. I added a little mustard. I never got a chance to get my kids papa’s meatloaf recipe. But i do recall his secret touch of mustard. It was spot on

  246. 5 stars
    Love this meatloaf! So moist and delicious! I don’t use the sauce topping, I make one up using onion soup, ketchup, worchester sauce and brown sugar. Thank you for a wonderful recipe!

    1. Try fresh mushrooms and strips of block cheddar cheese with chopped up sweet pickles and diced onions..its a delicious

  247. 5 stars
    Thank you so much for sharing! I really appreciated all of the bonus tips as well, since I am a young newlywed trying to learn to cook. Great recipe that is just like my mom’s!

    1. 5 stars
      Woah, that’s a cool trick. My MIL made the very best meatloaf and her trick was similar but she soaked saltine crackers in milk.

    1. Hi Michelle! I’m making this tonight with 2 pounds so I doubled the recipe, should I double the time? How long did you bake yours? Thanks!

  248. 5 stars
    Definitely moist and delicious. I sautéed onions in butter and yuengling lager and used those instead of finely diced onions and it was bomb.

  249. 5 stars
    This is a wonderful yet simple recipe and it pairs perfectly with salad and Catalina dressing..
    I made it last week and I’m making it again today. Thank you for the recipe!

    1. 5 stars
      The best recipe for meatloaf yet… so easy and delish! Like others, I make extra sauce. I’ve also divided it into 4 mini loaves, placing them on lightly sprayed foil on a baking sheet. These only need to bake for about 40-45 minutes!

  250. 5 stars
    Best meatloaf I ever made. The glaze really makes it outstanding. I make extra to put on the slices. Sweet but tangy. Yum!!

      1. Hi Jenna, The glaze ingredients and quantities for the meatloaf glaze are listed under #4 in the directions. Maybe double it, use have save back half for later?

    1. 5 stars
      I also do this!!! I triple the recipe for the topping, place 2/3 on the top and save 1/3 for the slices as a dipping sauce— it is AMAZING! My absolute favorite meatloaf recipe, try it now– You won’t be disappointed!

  251. I have made meatloaf with this recipe over the last few years and I have to say it hasn’t been beat yet. I do switch it up with some ground turkey and about 1/3 or 1/2 cup diced green peppers. I find it has amazing flavor and texture that way. But the recipe does stand well as is if you want more of a traditional meatloaf that still has lots of flavor. Better than any one else’s that’s for sure!!

    1. 5 stars
      This is by far our favorite meatloaf recipe. Will use it for years to come! It’s a staple in my house. Thank you!

    2. 5 stars
      Amazing, classic meatloaf recipe!! My husband and I are super picky when it comes to meatloaf. We both loved this one. My husband loved it because it doesn’t have all the extras like green peppers or chilis, etc. (he’s a big texture person), and I loved it because it wasn’t swimming in fat after it was cooked because of the lean meat. The lean meat makes a huge difference! This recipe will be in regular rotation at our house!

  252. 5 stars
    Absolutely the BEST AMAZING MOIST YUMMY meatloaf ever,, (better than Mom’s).. will be our go to recipe… Hub’s never stopped eating til plate was empty.. said best he ever had also. only change we will do is double or triple the topping and needs more salt, not sure I added enough).. Thank you for your great recipe

  253. This was my first attempt at making meatloaf. It was fun to do and turned out delicious. I’ll be making it again soon.

  254. This is my favorite recipe every one loves when I make it…. would not change a thing and I am not a fan of catchup this meatloaf is out of this world thank you so much for sharing !!!

  255. 5 stars
    I have made this recipe in paste and love it!

    I would like to add 1/2 cup chopped sweet peppers. How do keep the moist consistency of the meat loaf?

  256. 5 stars
    Made meatloaf, love the recipe!
    I actually doubled the recipe… Used a 9×9 cake pan. (So baked it longer) It was great!

  257. I’ve made a few meatloaves and always bought lean beef. I still find trouble removing the access grease.. draining! Either my meatloaf comes out great or soggy 😴😂

    1. I just bought the Rachel ray meatloaf pan from Amazon l, check out the reviews! No grease, drains to the bottom easy to lift with handles ! Game changer ! Have fun .

  258. 5 stars
    Very tasty meatloaf!!!! Is NOT 10 servings, maybe 3 or 4 servings. Significant other had oral surgery 3 days ago. Needed a soft meal. Meatloaf did the trick, served with a fresh broccili, cauliflower mix with cheese sauce and mashed potatoes. Perfect remedy for what ailed him. Just what the doctor ordered, and he felt better, also.

  259. 5 stars
    Perfect meatloaf every time. I double the recipe and shape a loaf in a cake pan. I also add tapatio to the mix and a couple dashes for the topping. Thank you for this yummy recipe!

  260. 5 stars
    This recipe is awesome! The only thing I changed was the milk, since I just ran out, so I used sour cream!!!! Will definitely make it again!!!!!!

  261. 5 stars
    I made this last night when having friends over. The only thing I did differently was I doubled the recipe to feed everyone. It was a huge hit! My friend’s toddler who is anti meat currently had extra helpings! My four year old who never wants to eat dinner had extras too!

    1. 5 stars
      My absolute favorite meatloaf. So glad I found your recipe. Lots of flavor throughout and the topping is a wonderful plus. My husband prefers a brown, mushroom meatloaf but this is my personal favorite so we rotate between each once each month.

  262. one word only Excellent
    We both love this recipe

    I added 3 finely chopped mushrooms that I need to use. Probably made very little difference.

  263. 5 stars
    I’ve made hundreds of different meatloaf recipes in my life, this was simple yet absolutely delicious. This will be my go to from now on.

  264. 5 stars
    This meatloaf is soooo good that I bookmarked the page and have come back time and time again.

    Thank you for sharing yur recipe. You’ve made a difference for me in my cooking-life!

  265. 5 stars
    Really good! My husband gave compliments immediately. I agree this is the best recipe. I will make again and again. Thank you for this recipe. I did not use the sugar/ketchup topping. I don’t think it’s needed. Very good without it.

    1. 5 stars
      Just wanted to add my 2 cents in. This is a great recipe. It’s easy to prep and taste awesome. I did add extra ketchup topping for my meat loaf and added just alittle of the same seasoning that I put in the meat loaf and it came out awesome!!

  266. 5 stars
    I make this meatloaf all the time. It is the best I have ever had. The only change I make is in the meat. The store I shop at has a mixture of pork, veal, and beef in a 1 lb. package . I really like it better than with just beef.

  267. 5 stars
    Amazing recipe. Normally we use a lot of ketchup on meatloaf after it has been cooked because it is dry. Absolutely no ketchup needed after it has been cooked! Family loved it and that is hard to do!

  268. 5 stars
    I made this meatloaf for dinner tonight and it was great! It’s one I will make again and again. I really loved it.

  269. 5 stars
    I have made this recipe many times it’s great each time. Both my MIL and mom love it just as much as I do. I do add extra glaze and I have stuffed it with fresh mozzeralla cheese. Tonight I am gonna stuff it with mild chedder cheese.

      1. Build the meatloaf around the cheese. Do a bottom layer of meat. Place a block of cheese, and then continue to build the meat load around it.

  270. 3 stars
    This meatloaf recipe was ok. In my opinion it tasted like there was too much of a soggy bread texture. The seasonings were pretty good. It held together great. If you like more of a meaty texture, I recommend finding a different recipe. 😉

  271. 5 stars
    This is my all-time favorite meatloaf recipe. My grandmother always used to make meatloaf meals to feed my cousins and I and this one takes me right back to those times spent with her. The glaze is deliciously tangy. 10/10 would highly recommend!

  272. 5 stars
    Followed this recipe to the letter and it is the best meatloaf I’ve ever made! Meatloaf had good flavor and was very moist, the topping was tangy and tasty which gave the meatloaf a rich flavor. This meatloaf was also a hit with my kids so this recipe is a keeper. Thanks Amanda!

  273. This is my first time making meatloaf (I’m English and we don’t really have it). I decided to try it with turkey mince and it was fantastic! Light and tasty and my kids loved it. Thanks for a fantastic recipe, it will become a regular.

  274. 5 stars
    I have never used a recipe for meatloaf before. I usually just make it up as I go. But decided to try this one. It was outstanding! This is now my go to recipe for meatloaf!! I will say I think the servings are off . This would not serve 10 adults. It was perfect for our family of 4.

  275. 4 stars
    I followed this recipe exactly. The meatloaf itself was very moist & seasoned well. The only problem was that we felt the glaze was too sweet (myself & a 19 year old young man). Perhaps use only 1 tbsp of brown sugar next time or adding some heat to counteract the sweetness.

  276. I make my meatloaf with a mixture of 2 parts ground beef, one part ground pork and 1 part ground veal. It’s hard to find ground veal so it helps to have your own meat grinder. Once I have combined all my ingredients, I spray a loaf pan with cooking spray a loaf pan, pack the meatloaf mix into the loaf pan, and invert it onto a broiler pan. This allows all the fat to drain off into the broiler instead of having your meatloaf swimming in it.

  277. 5 stars
    Delicious! Moist and flavorful. Made it last night for my family and father-in-law, and they thought it was the best meatloaf they’ve tasted. Cooking time is spot on. I did make one addition for personal tastes – I added about 1/3 cup shredded cheddar to the mixture. This recipe is a keeper!

  278. 5 stars
    AMAZING!!!! I always used whatever I had to put into my meatloaf but decided to try your true recipe, oh my gosh, this tops any meatloaf I’ve ever made and my husband really raved over this recipe, THANKYOU!!! I didn’t change a thing to it, made it exactly how you said, YUMMY!!

    1. 5 stars
      My husband and I love this meatloaf! Tender and delicious. I throw two heels of a loaf of bread in my little food processor, lay the crumbs on aluminum foil in the pan I’m baking the meatloaf on and put them in the oven while it’s preheating. Almost exactly 1 cup of dried breadcrumbs. Just throw them in the bowl and use the aluminum foil I used under the meatloaf.

  279. 5 stars
    THE BEST Meatloaf recipe I’ve been searching for soooo long! I love it! Simple, delicious, easy and not dry. Can’t thank you enough!!!

    1. In my book you can sub that in any ground beef recipe or at least the pork and and beef at 2/1 beef to Pork. I have not used ground veal and probably would not.

  280. 5 stars
    Love this recipe! I make this meatloaf almost every week. Only thing I change is the topping. I use ketchup, little bit of Dijon mustard, and a little bit of grape jelly for that light sweetness (: I know call me crazy but my fiancé and I love it!

  281. 5 stars
    Perfect! Easy recipe. It did fall apart but I substituted a bit of quinoa for the breadcrumbs and didn’t wait a full 10 minutes to cut. Love the glaze. Used a meatloaf mix of beef, pork and veal because it was what I had.

  282. 5 stars
    Excellent recipe. Followed to the letter except I like a beef/ground pork mix.
    50/50 turned out the best meatloaf I have ever eaten. Good job, the chicken parm is next.

  283. 5 stars
    Excellent meatloaf! I was worried it would be greasy making it in a loaf pan but it was perfect. Easy to put together and very moist. Despite being moist, it held together perfectly for slicing. I didn’t have red wine vinegar on hand and used apple cider vinegar instead which worked great.

  284. 5 stars
    This is fantastic. My only change was to use a cup of stuffing mix for the bread, which I always do. We are empty nesters now and this was my first smaller meatloaf. I used one of the cubes of grass fed beef I had in the freezer. Thank you!

    1. Hi Janet, the proportion is correct. Take into consideration folks having a slice or so (and other sides as well). You could always double the recipe if needed. Serving sizes are generally small. Considering a 20 oz soda bottle has 2.5 servings, but you typically don’t share, at least I don’t! 🙂

    2. I too questioned the number of servings, A typical 1 lb. bread pan is 8.5 inches wide. It is more likely you will get 8 slices, which for my family is about 4-6 servings.

    3. Gracious…I made this tonight and my husband and I ate half of it! Delicious, even without the parsley which I forgot.

  285. 5 stars
    Definitely a very, tasty, meatloaf. It’s my go to when I do meatloaf for dinner. A few times I’ve substituted the ketchup and Worcester sause for, either A-1 Thick and Hearty or Heinz57 sauce. I think I prefer it with the 57 sauce the best. And twice I used buffalo meat instead of beef. Still really great!

  286. 5 stars
    I followed the directions 1st time with a new recipe. Meatloaf is moist, tender, & bursting with flavor. Your kids will love it. I agree with Heidi & would use half the brown sugar. It’s a bit sweet for me. Lucky for me, I had 2 & 1/2 pounds of 90% lean ground beef I needed to use up & made 2 meat loafs. Now, I have leftovers for another meal. Yum yum.

  287. Hi am really anxious to make this- just one question. Is this recipe really only 1 # (one) pound of gb? Have always made my loaves with 2 #. I want to be sure that’s correct before start! Of course i know i can double it but want to verify it’s written so can follow as written first time Thank so much

  288. 5 stars
    This recipe is spot on for the best classic meatloaf EVER! The result is moist and tender with lots of flavor. The topping adds to the recipe, not masks it. Definitely a 5 Star recipe, so don’t pass this one up. I put a personal ‘spin’ and added 1/2 stalk of celery (chopped) and a smidge of sausage, just because that’s what my mom used to include. Wonderful!!!

  289. 5 stars
    My family was not too excited when I told them we were having meatloaf for dinner….they absolutely loved this dish! They asked when we could have it again 😊 Thank you so much for sharing!

  290. 5 stars
    I have never cooked a meatloaf before , so I used this recipe and it was a hit . Thanks for the help , I will be usong the recipe again & again !! 😊👍

  291. Thank You so very,very much for this delicious recipe and the time it saved me! I’ve been just so very,very busy with my job, the kids and my husband and his work! This recipe allowed me at least an hour’s time for just myself to have a little ” My Time” before everyone got home hungry and wanting to know ” what’s for dinner ma?” Dinner went great and everyone loved the meatloaf, it was just right! So again Thank You SO MUCH! Truly Vickie

  292. 5 stars
    I add a lb of mushrooms to a pan and sautée them with the onion. Let cool a few minutes and add to meatloaf mixture. I also add a splash of Worstceshire to the sauce that is over the top of the meatloaf. Superb!

  293. I’ve made this several times now. It’s delicious.
    I do add 2 teaspoons of Dijon Mustard. It’s yummy

  294. 5 stars
    I made this exactly as written, with no substitutions or tweaks at all. The meatloaf came out perfectly, rich and flavorful. The title says it all… absolutely the best classic meatloaf. This will be my go-to recipe now, many thanks!

  295. 5 stars
    Absolutely delicious! I did substitute the garlic powder for 3 fresh cloves of mashed garlic and didn’t have red vinegar for the topping so used balsamic vinegar instead. Also halved the 2 tbsp of brown sugar, it was just right and sweet enough. Definitely my new go-to meatloaf recipe!

  296. 5 stars
    I made this after asking ‘Siri’ to find the most popular, lean ground beef meatloaf recipe, & this popped up! Even my hubby, who usually does the (gourmet) cooking, said it was REALLY good! It’s a keeper!

  297. 5 stars
    When my son does leftovers you know it’s a good recipe. Thank you for sharing it.
    P.S. I add 1/4 tsp of dry mustard for a little pizzazz.

  298. This is my only meatloaf recipe I use because it is that good! During the summer, I cook in it in my crock pot. Turns out perfectly every time!

  299. 5 stars
    I quit making ML a few years ago because (a) I had been seduced to The Dark Side and using that powdered onion soup crud that so many folks rely upon, and (b) I had messed with the recipe so much that I had lost the real essence of the dish. I recently found this version and used it to go back to the basics, and it’s WONDERFUL. This is what ML should be! I mess with it a bit: I include some ground pork (maybe 2/3rds lb to a full pound of lean beef), and I use homemade ketchup that I leave chunky. I might be a bit heavy-handed with the Worcestershire sauce. But this recipe is just lovely.

    If you’re not into a tomato glaze top-side, scatter some very coarse sea salt, coarse fresh-cracked black pepper, and some minced sweet onion over the top, and crank up the heat to 425 or so for the last 5 to 10 minutes of cooking to crisp up the top. Switching to Broil would work just as well.

    This is delish!

  300. This is a no-fail recipe! I increased it to 6 pounds, two 3 pound meatloafs. I used Italian bread crumbs for extra seasoning, dried minced onion instead of chopped and did not add the parsley. They turned out moist and delicious. I cooked them to 160 degrees. Finally, I have a consistent recipe for meatloaf. Thank you!

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    All I have to say is O…M…G!!! I have been searching for a great meatloaf recipe for YEARS & I have finally found it! I am in love with this one. I followed the recipe exactly but I sautéed the onions with fresh garlic before adding to the meat mixture. My whole family loved it, including my picky 2 year old. Well done with this one!

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    Excellent meatloaf. I’ve been using the sauce topping for years on other meatloafs. Seeing that you used that sauce made me try your recipe and I’m very happy. Thanks

  303. 5 stars
    By far the best AND easiest I’ve made and I have tried many! You can put this together in 10-15 minutes, is super moist, and tender. Don’t believe what you hear about over mixing ground beef, the ratio of ground beef to breadcrumbs to dairy is what creates the best loaf or meatball. Hamburgers, because they don’t have those ingredients, should be handled with care.